About Us

The Vape SEO team

The team comprises a vape industry expert and SEO experts. Our profiles are below:

Vape Industry Expert Profile: Matt Taylor

  • Thorough knowledge of the science and toxicology behind vaping
  • Thorough knowledge of TPD and UK national vape regulatory requirements
  • Advises large e-cigarette/e-liquids manufacturers and retailers on TPD compliance and developing regulatory requirements
  • Up-to-date with latest industry news
  • Experienced in writing vape articles that get shared on social media that have a global reach
  • Good market knowledge
  • Background in pharmaceutical regulation (the basis of e-cigarette regulation).

SEO Expert Profile: Tom

  • Over 10 years digital marketing and strategy
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with lead generation and SEO
  • Expertise in Local and Mobile SEO, PPC and Content Strategy; Video, email and social media optimisation.
  • Proven results in driving new traffic to websites
  • US and UK experience
  • Google Analytics Certified

SEO Expert Profile: Mike

  • 10 years digital marketing experience
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with SEO
  • Proven results across many industry sectors including the vape industry and highly competitive niche markets
  • Experienced with a range of professional SEO software